Frequently Asked Questions

What is Riverview College Bursary?

A Riverview Bursary provides the opportunity for young men in necessitous circumstances to access a Jesuit education, regardless of their socio economic, geographic or cultural background.

How does a Riverview bursary differ from a scholarship?

Riverview does not offer academic or co-curricular scholarships. The distinction between a bursary and a scholarship is both clear and important. Bursaries at Riverview are financially needs based, and are not awarded on academic, musical or sporting prowess. It is a self funded program run by the Riverview College Foundation.

What are the criteria for being awarded a bursary at Riverview?

There are three criteria for consideration for the Bursary Program

  1. First, the family identifies that they have a financial need which challenges their ability to give their son the very best education possible
  2. Secondly, the fit of the family and the boy to the school is considered. Do the family and the boy resonate with the Ignatian values that Riverview teaches and follows, and will the boy and the family add positively to the fabric of the school
  3. Thirdly, the fit of the school to the boy is considered. Is Riverview the best place for the particular boy to maximise his potential?

How long have Riverview offered bursaries?

The Jesuits have always assisted families in our schools. Since the founding of the College in 1880 students in need have been supported. But the formalizing of needs based bursaries in our school began about twenty years ago, and continues to play a vital role in ensuring that the College remains true to the Jesuit mission of an education for all.

What is the goal of the bursary program?

Growth, diversity and sustainability are the main priorities of bursary program.

Growth: Fr Daven Day SJ challenged our schools to aim ultimately for twenty per cent of our students to be on means tested bursaries. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that we will strive to achieve.

Diversity: A thriving bursary program guards Riverview from becoming blandly monocultural. Students from diverse backgrounds add to the richness of the social fabric of the school, shaping our values and challenging our way of thinking.

Sustainability: Recurrent and endowed funding is required to future proof the program, to ensure that Riverview has the capacity to enrol students in need for generations to come.

What is the cost of a bursary?

Each bursary is individual and unique, based on an independent assessment of the financial circumstances of the family. The annual cost of a Riverview Bursary for a day boy is $25,000 and for a boarding student $45,000.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All gifts of $2.00 or more to support the bursary program are tax deductible.

Are funds for the bursary program used for other purposes?

No. All monies donated to the bursary program are used exclusively to fund bursary students. Funds are not co mingled with other gifts or operating funds of the College, and there are no cross subsidies from school fees.