Class of 2019

An ongoing initiative driven by Dads of the graduating class, the Class of 2019 Bursary has been established to encourage the graduating community of families to leave a legacy at the College by contributing to the Bursary Program.

A Riverview education is a gift, and through the power of our generous community of current and past parents, Old Boys, Parents & Friends and College staff, it is a gift that is afforded to over 90 young men annually who would otherwise not be able to attend the College.

The initiative operates in three ways:


As the final curtain closes on your family’s time at the College, you’ll be invited by parent volunteers to contribute the value of one term’s school fees, completely tax deductible and payable in either one lump sum of $7,300 or 12 monthly installments of $610.

You will be directly paying for a Riverview education for a student for a full term in honour of your family’s legacy at the College.


Contribute one term of boarding fees to help support a country boarder or bursary recipient. Fees will be charged as one lump sum of $5,200 or 12 monthly installments of $450.

*If you would like the above to be billed monthly, please tick “Other”, write $610 / $450 and tick “Make my donation monthly” in the form below. Otherwise, the fees will be billed in one lump sum.


For families who will remain part of the current parent community with sons still at the College, you’ll be invited by parent volunteers to make a one-off, fully tax deductible donation of $100 on behalf of your graduating son, in honour of his name. His name will appear alongside his classmates in the Class of 2019 Bursary.

Together we can provide an opportunity for young men from diverse backgrounds and hardship to change the course of their future through the power of education.

If you would like to discuss this initiative further, or raise your hand to lead the initiative on behalf of future graduating classes, please contact:

Randolf Clinton, parent of Cassius
Sophie Duffy, parent of Harry
Lachlan Edwards, parent of Jules
Rob King, parent of Xavier
Nick Macdonald, parent of Finn
Ben McLaughlin, parent of Miles


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